About me.



Honesty is such a key part of my life and business as it reflects everything I stand for.

My approach to photography is very natural, mostly allowing you and your family to go about life the way it is. That’s what I want you to remember. The raw emotion of birth, the first hours spent with your new baby, the way your toddler plays mummy, the books you read to your kids, your baby starting to walk etc...

I love getting to know you on a personal level, allowing you to be comfortably and beautifully you. I love the warm feeling I get every time I meet a new family, hold your newborn, or witness your baby’s birth.

Spending quality time with people, listening to their stories and learning from them is my jam. I’m quite introverted but love having an opportunity to learn.

Some of my favourite things include cookbooks, indoor plants, riding my bike, learning to be healthy, oils, my hubby, camping, creating new things and comfort. 

Documenting life is my passion. Life moves crazy fast, so that’s where I come in. Your memories stay alive when you have them there to look at all the time. And that’s pretty important :)