new baby layed on her mums chest

When should I book my session?

Newborn, maternity and birth sessions should be booked early in your pregnancy.

The best time to have your maternity session is between 34-38 weeks pregnant. The aim is to photograph you as late as possible so you have a beautiful round belly.  

Newborn sessions should be booked while you are still pregnant. This will secure my availability around your due date.
However if you have already had your baby please contact me asap to see if I have any availability.

Birth photography is best booked as soon as you can. Once you have booked and payed your deposit I will make sure my schedule is clear around the time of your birth. If you're interested in birth photography, contact me here and you will receive all the information you need! We will also catch up to discuss it closer to the time.

Family sessions can be booked at any time, however please allow a week's notice to make sure I'm available.


Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I require a $100 non-refundable deposit to book/secure your session (unless special circumstances apply). 


When is the best time for newborn photos?

Newborn sessions work best when your baby is between 5-10 days old.

Five days old is the perfect time to get the beautiful photos you see in my portfolio. Your little one is still sleepy and flexible and their skin is still soft and fresh. After ten days, they can start to develop milk spots and dry skin which can become distracting for photos, so the earlier, the better.


Where is my session held?

My approach to photography is to document who you are as a family, naturally, by choosing a location suited specifically to you.
You might spend a majority of your family time at home, at the beach or at your favourite park. I also have a list of careefully selected locations for you to choose from if you’d like.

Maternity and Family sessions are gorgeous outdoors at dawn or dusk when beautiful soft colours fill the sky.

There is something really special about having newborn photos in your own home, but if you prefer, my home studio is also available and setup for photos.


How far do you travel?

I'm a big believer in not letting distance get in the way of documenting life. I don't mind how far away you live, I'm happy to travel as long as it takes to spend some time getting to know you and your family.
I charge a small travel fee to cover my transport cost (either by car or plane).


Do I need to prepare my home for the newborn session?

All I need is a nice clear area next to a window for me to setup. If possible, a window on a shady side of your home.
If you are unsure about the best spot in your house, don't worry, we can decide when I arrive. I will bring a variety of blankets and wraps to use, so you don't have to worry about a thing.


What should I wear to my session?

What you wear is key for a successful session. Clothing compliments who you are as a family, draws out the beauty in both you and the environment in which the session is taking place, and coordinates with the home where the final images will be displayed. Your style should be as unique as your family is.

Dress up.

Wear your ‘nice’ clothes. These photos will be looked at everyday, and you don’t want to look back and regret wearing something that is nicer. When you wear clothes that are classy, your photos have a more elegant, gentle feel. This makes all the difference, especially once they’re hanging on your walls.

Make sure what you wear is comfortable so you can move freely. 

Perhaps it’s a lovely maxi dress, a classy top, small fine details (such as a touch of lace), a simple shirt, or some nice dressy pants. 

Keep large, bold patterns to a minimum. Small detailed patterns are okay.

Avoid writing (text) on shirts and t-shirts. This really takes away from the focus of the photos; you.

Muted, pastel colours work well, but if you want to wear a bold colour that’s fine! Just make sure the rest of the clothing compliment it well by using soft colours.

Overall, make sure you’d be happy with your clothing selection when looking at the photos on your wall. 

Instead of having everyone wearing matching colours, try to stick to a simple colour scheme to create variation. Neutrals (lights, beige, greys and darks), warm colours (dusty pinks and pastels) and cool tones (navy, light blue etc.) work well in a variety of shades and textures.

For Maternity sessions: 

  • Maxi-dresses

  • 'Bump-hugging' dresses

  • Long cardigans or kimonos

For Hello World sessions:

  • Simple and comfortable!

For Newborn sessions:

  • Maxi-dresses

  • Plain/neutral coloured tops (so our focus stays on your bubba)

  • Nice dress or top with a little detail (susch as lace or embroidery)

For Family sessions:

  • Relaxed dress (something easy to move around in)

  • Complimentary colours between family members (not necessarily matching)

  • Avoid strong patterns such as stripes, polka dots and strong florals.

When you book your session in, I will also send you a pinterest board to give you ideas of what looks best in photos.


How do I receive photos from my session? 

I will send you a link to your online photo gallery. You can view and download your photos, order print products, and share your photos on any device.


How many photos do I receive?

For Maternity, Hello World and Family sessions you receive 50+ photos.
For Newborn sessions you receive 100+ photos.


Can I purchase print products?

Yes, you can purchase prints, matted prints, framed prints and canvas wraps by clicking on the cart icon in your online gallery or by contacting me directly.


Can I download all of my photos?

All sessions include all of your digital images ready to download straight from your online gallery to any device.


Do you have payment plan options?

Yes. If you are wishing to pay your session off over time, all I need is the $100 deposit to secure your date and my availibility. Then you can pay a certain amount off your invoice per week or fortnight.